Law Office of Dugas & Associates has extensive experience in all aspects of Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law. We represent and have provided, since 1986,  ongoing advice to our clients through out the State of Michigan.  Our firm is located in Brighton, Michigan.  

Ms. Dugas holds a Law Degree and a Special Masters Degree (Masters in Legal Letters - LLM.)  in taxation and estate planning from Boston University Law School.  Thus the firm is uniquely qualified in areas other law firms in the county are not.  The staff also is well experienced in areas of estate planning and have been with the firm since 1987.  There is a respect for our clients and the issues that are presented.  Both staff and counsel are intertwined in working to assist the clients in a compassionate and competent manner unlike many production line law firms. 

Our firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas:  Estate Planning, Taxation, Trusts and Estates, Estate Litigation, Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Durable Powers for Health, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Probate and Decedent's Estate, and Elder Law, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security Issues. 
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What is a Durable Power of Attorney?
The durable power of attorney is one of the most versatile estate tool used in estate planning.  With this document the individual gives authority to an "attorney in fact" to act on their behalf. You can choose anyone you believe has the ability to act in your best interest.   The person you designate does not have to be an attorney.

You decide the scope of the power of attorney.  For example it can be for one specific event.  You will be out of town the day you are closing on your condo.  You can give someone a limited power of attorney to act only with regard to this transaction and he/she can attend the closing and sign all necessary documents on your behalf. 

You can make the power of attorney a "springing power" which only gives them the power upon an occurrence such as your incapacity.

The power of attorney can also be unlimited.  Your "attorney" can act on your behalf immediately upon your execution of this document.

The unlimited power of attorney includes things such as paying your bills, transferring funds, making gifts, business transactions, and just about any decision you can imagine can be delegated to a power of attorney.  
The power of attorney has a few exceptions regarding limitation for example your "attorney" cannot make a will for you, nor can they testify on your behalf.  

This document is perhaps one of the most powerful lifetime documents in your estate plan and as such it is essential the document be completely understood. 

The power of attorney ends upon your death.

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Durable Power of Attorney

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